A Bomb Disposal Robot BDRP That Has a Thin Figure

Robot BDRP 1

BDRP is one kind of bomb disposal robot. It is developed in Johns Hopkins University. The total limbs of this bot are artificial. It can maintain its balance by a mobile platform which has 2 wheels. There are two cameras are used in its limbs and head. Its entire electronics device is moved in its back seat so that it can achieve a slim figure.

The bot has total forty two degrees of freedom. All the degrees of freedom are found in different parts of it. Its neck and torso both have 3 degrees of freedom and the platform has 2 degrees of freedom. It’s arms and hands have the rest 34.

To control the robot multiple operators is needed. One of them operates its driving and at the same time other operator operates its arm and hand. A glove is used with its hand. The glove is made with special types of sensor. Also the glove can move its individual finger joints and its helps the operators by reducing effort at the time of variety of objects. It can show the point of view when it is connected with a stereoscopic visor.

Source: Robot BDRP