A Cockroach Biobots for Creation of Map

Cockroach Biobot 1

The researchers of N C State University developed a cockroach biobots. They have used video gaming system to put the robot on autopilot. Actually they have researched for steering bots.

In this bot digitally plotted path system is needed. This path is connected with its interface and also relayed with this bot. The bot’s antenna and cerci are linked to the interface with a wire. Also, the sensor in front of the bots is connected with a wire to the interface. The movement of the robot in the air is detected by using cerci, and it acts as like as a gas pedal when it will use to drive. The wire that is linked with antenna has a little amount of charge so that it can think that is connected by something.

The main purpose of this robot is to create a map. It is also used in the place which is dangerous for human movement like collapsed building.

The professor of NC State told that they want to build up their special programming by using mapping and the technique of radio frequency. He also told that this technique will help them for using some cockroach bots for mapping disaster sites.


Source: Cockroach