A drone robot PHD for Ensuring Sufficient Sunlight


To find out the ideal place for ensuring sufficient sunlight to a new potted plant is actually challenging. At present this difficult job can be performed by drone robot. The name of this bot is PHD. Owing to the movement of sun across the sky, it has made like a wheeled pot including a case. For that the bot is easily able to take the plant in the sunlight according to direction of sun.

The PHD can detect perfect place and also transfer it towards the high intensity of light. PHD also can go slowly because it. Approach the perfect location regarding sunlight where it finishes.

The following component has used to make this robot:

  • 1x 74HC240
  • 1x L293D
  • 1M resistors.
  • 2x 1nF capacitors.
  • 2x 10uF capacitors.
  • 2x SFH 300 photo transistor.
  • 2x collision switches.
  • 1x pot.

For using the solar power in the bot, it makes the drone robot too costly. The actual model’s energy power generators are generally conducted by battery power. However, Verstraete the founder of the drone robot is thinking about the alternative solar kits that will allow the robotic being power through the sunshine.

Source: Instructables