A Musical Band of Robots Rocked Tokyo

Musical Band of Robots

I think, You have enjoyed a band of handicapped or children but have you ever heard of a musical band of Robot?

Well, maybe not. However, the people of Tokyo recently enjoyed a highly entertaining metal rock music composed and performed by a newly arrived robot band. It was an all robot band with a total erratic costume. The band consists of two members only a dram-artist and a lead guitarist. Though they do not have another member like a keyboard player or a singer, only a 10 minute musical live performance of this band has made most of the spectators speechless.

The guitarist robot is equipped with two guitars and on the other hand, the dram-artist was decorated with more than 20 drumsticks to play. Both of them were connected with a huge series of wire to their instruments.

This Robot band is a creation of famous robotic innovator Z-Machines. On the developer side, there was one big challenge to make this robot band successful, the synchronization with the music. If one robot starts creating music and another one makes a slight delay, still they will not be able to produce audible music. But appropriate programming has averted this problem.

You can see the video.


Source: Musical Band Robots