A new robot will allow fighting against Fire

firefighting robot 1

Sometimes it becomes so difficult to fight against the fire on Ship because of many difficulties. It will not be so difficult if you use a firefighting robot called SAFFiR. The main basis for deciding on a humanoid structure is the principle that naval ships are set up with a style from in thoughts. Also a quick, vast, wheeled bot not need doing extremely well trying to get around the actual hatches, corridors as well as stairs.

Furthermore, all the crews (human) have to depend on this since they will fight against fire with them.  SAFFiR is created to observe the focus connected with interest of the man workforce chief, reply to signals (hand pointing) and natural language.

The special type bot is designed with several sensory tools, which includes fuel sensor, camera (HD video camera and a stereo system infrared camera) that could allow it to predict through huge smoke. The top part of the robot can operate fireplace control apparatus. And the bottom part is capable to walk everywhere by six-axis sensor located in the feet.

The battery power will allow for roughly a half-hour regarding firefighting motion. While SAFFiR is still under processing, it is expected that the bot will be ready pertaining to test by Sept.

Source: SAFFiR