Doll Type Bot to Impress Guests

AeonFrame 1

The robot named AeonFrame is one kind of clockwork doll. The height of this bot is 60 cm including robotic endoskeleton. The bot includes very small twenty four servo motors with a controlling board. The sensors are mainly applied for touch and sound. These allows the bot for tilting its head. It also can move it’s both arms and can shift its upper body by these.  But, the robot cannot be smiled like the Robkind.

The placing of whole useful electronics material inside the doll is one the greatest challenge. The Samsung developed company designed a doll type bot in 2003. In April they used larger servo motors but the size of the robot almost same of AeonFrame .To solve this problem they use external wires which is connected with servo motors and placed the motor under the doll.

The used micro servo motors help the AeonFrame for maintaining its own structure. But they have some problems in using servo motors. In AeonFrame the using small components make its delicate. I think a lot of broken joints will be used for falling over the doll in the future.

Source: AeonFrame