Aisoy 1 II Robot to Recognize Face and Object

Aisoy 1 II Robot  1

The Spanish Aisoy Robotics has introduced the latest robot called Aisoy 1 II that will seem just like the well-known Furby. It creates by a totally programmable analysis in addition to software development.

The particular robot comes with a number of sensors for example touch, position, temperature, in addition to photographic camera. The robot has not only a microphone, but also a speaker, including RGB LEDs throughout the body, plus a 60 to 70 mini display of LED matrix. The 4 servos handle the robot’s neck revolving, eyelids, in addition to eyebrows.

To recognize speech and synthesis, it has a dialogue system and PC vision software package for stuff like face in addition to object detection. The robot runs on the operating system of Linux. This program goes throughout suitable HTML5 internet browsers. To control the various sensors and actions, you need to select nodes. These can be arranged according to desire behaviors and resulting arrangement creates Botapps. Botapps can be uploaded and shared through the user of Aisoy.

AISoy1 Read Math is one kind of Botapp. It uses the bot’s photographic camera to recognize in addition to solve written math problems. You may check that the children’s robot is just not helping in their math preparation. At the end it is not more expensive.

Source: Roboticstoday

To watch video you can see below: