Aisoy Robotics of Spain has a New Robot-Marketing Concept


Aisoy, a Spanish robotics has come up with a new kind of robot to sell. Their machine is similar to that of Furby, a fully recordable research oriented masterpiece. It is packed up with most modern sensors like heat, light, touch and position and has conventional speaker and microphone system along with LED display. For complete move ability, it requires additional adjustments.

This experimental production has interesting features like voice recognition and speech synthesis. It is aided by a computer vision defining software to recognize faces and objects. The companies have devised a fun way to teach this bot. With their provided HTML 5 based visual tool, even a novice robot-enthusiastic-person can reprogram this new product. User can create a template of manually configured settings and upload this template to Aisoy’s web, this gives other users to use that customized settings to their own one.

Users can make this robot to scan Math equation by their camera and write a solution to it. This machine is relatively more hack able and extensible than other similar budget robots. It is cheap and easy to handle.

The video below shows Aisoy in action.


Source: Aisoy