Another Pathfinder but for Agricultural Field not Mars or Moon!


The trendy slick designed four-wheel Pathfinder like robot working on your grass field. Well, it is not a dream but according to Manderson (the researcher at lime research center), this is going to happen in next five year!

We are talking here about an agriculture-helping robot created by Manderson and his team at Fertilizer and Lime Research Centre New Zealand. They gave it a name and they call it AgriRover. A tender robot can be used in multiple purposes. The research team’s main target is to look after the land beneath the green grass surface.  AgriRover is equipped with most modern sensors and gadgets. The prototype is a four-wheeler with stain-less body frame. It is powered by onboard lithium based rechargeable battery. To enhance its working hour in daytime the team has incorporated a solar power panel on top of it.

This Rover can move on its own and target its working point. While it is on the move the farmer can easily track its work log as this mini-sized robot constantly keep contact with a remote computer. If the farmer wants to have the surveillance facilities along with other existing feature, the team is optimistic to put a camera on top of its body. It can work day and night in all weather condition. Currently it is working on soil condition. Apart from this soil testing and surveillance it can be used for numerous other purposes like for soil treatment, weed management, herd management, sample collection etc.

The Basic Idea is to make the agricultural production more autonomous. By utilizing the potentials of these promising robots, we can achieve a labor less agro-production within next decade.

Source: Pathfinder