ASIMO a Humanoid Robot can Survey Nuclear Power Station


ASIMO is a humanoid surveying robot. AIST (It is the Japan’s National Institute) and Honda company together designed the bot that can analysis inside a power plant. While the power plant of fukushima was smashed by tsunami then it was needed for investigation. It is harmful for human because of toxic radiation. Because of this type of investigation they made the ASIMO robot. It is very effective and efficient.

Honda has spent more than 20 yrs for developing this robot. They mainly developed the arms for inspection purpose.

This robot has a mobile platform and 7 meters long arm that are developed by AIST. It has remote control system by a fiber-optic cable and wireless workstation. The weight of this robot is 1100 kg and it also can travel two kilometers per hours.

A dosimeter connects on the tip of its arm. The operators can easily watch video. It can collect 3D data and can also discover the radiation source. With the help of eleven joints it become like a snake when it inspect into a pipeline.

Source: ASIMO