ATLAS –A Humanoid Robot with Great Weight Taking Ability


ATLAS is like a humanoid robot. It is designed by the Boston Dynamics. They make it with 1.88 m tall and the weight of it is 150 kg. It has an attractive figure.

It is as like as a quadrupeds. The robot is constructed from a hydraulic pump motor and a heat regulator. To give more power to it they hydraulics the twenty eight joints of it. This hydraulic power gives it more power. But in other humanoid bots, electric motor is used which gives less strength than this robot. But it requires more power than any other humanoid robot. It needs 440 volt three-phase power at 15 kW. It also needs 10 Gbps networking connection. It can control itself by computer control system, but the controlling command is given by man.

The robot has also different parts that are designed by other designer. Such as its large sensor head and multiple cameras are designed by other universities designer. Its four-fingered arms are generally given by iRobot as well as Sandia National Labs. The robot cannot do its duty easily; it means it is quite literally. But it is more effective.

Source: ATLAS