Ava 500 a Teleprsence Bot Having HD Screen and Able to Chat With Peoples


Currently you can see many corruptions in small business especially in the manager and other employees about their timely presence in their chamber. To protect these you can use a robot with telepresence. The Ava 500 is one kind of telepresence robot. iRobot and Cisco release this robot. It can acts like a Smartphone and it has remote controlled system. It can feel any personal and natural absence. It is made with auto navigation as well as a screen of high definition.

At first the iRobot designed a robot which has low audiovisual quality. Then the Cisco helps them by providing high definition screen. The resulting product is Ava 500 which has become the first teleconference robot with HD screen.

Then they developed their idea to keep the robot beyond the desk and make it more. Ava 500 is used mainly for meting purpose. Besides it can be used as for presentations, industrial tour etc. It gives the user wonderful interactions with others and can continue conservations with them.

For dedicating the audio and video interface into the screen an iPad is used to control it. The security of this robot is provided by a wireless access point.

Source: Ava 500