Baxter, a Low Cost Industrial Robot can be Trained Easily

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Baxter is an industrial robot that is made by Rethink Robotics. It reduces more than 50 % cost to buy this industrial robot than other industrial robots, currently available on the market. In addition, it is apparently very user friendly. Absolutely no robotics specialists or even computer software is required whenever instructing it completely new tasks.

This two armed robot can usually trained just like an individual person. An industrial worker can physically educate the robot through motion within half an hour, but no need to code writing. It can apply common sense that it’s doing during learning. If it should drop an item, then it will be aware that it takes for getting just one more to complete its activity.

Baxter is always well known about its surrounding region by a variety of integrated sensors. Therefore, it’s in a position to properly perform together people, slowing down its activities if they enter into the work environment, and ceasing its motions whenever all of a sudden creating contact with all of them.

Due to its low price, it increases the attractions to the small manufacturer. Also, factory floor can be used to teach the robot and no extra hardware device or computer software is needed. Baxter can be trained quickly for performing various activities and completely trained in various places.

Source: Rethinkrobotics

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