Bio-likeness Robot for Robot-Human Interaction

Bio-likeness Robot 1

At present, the familiarities of robots are increasing day by day. Therefore, in future it will become an integral part of our life. But, it is a great question for us, how will we interact and accept the robot? From similar types of thinking, the Yamanaka Laboratory researchers of the Tokyo University have been considering the robot-human interaction field since 2007. They did it by including various biological behaviors to a robotic sculpture series. However, they have introduced some other robots.

Recently, they have introduced most effective Bio-likeness robot at an exhibition. The assistant designer of this lab, Mai Tsunoo said that their main aim of this project is to give a sense of life so that you can feel the presence of intelligence.

In 2013, the bio-likeness was done with a real product. It is called bio-like display and it has made by Mitsubishi Electric. It moves in a random pattern until sitting down a chair. It also includes three orbiting displays. For recognizing your face, it has used the faced recognition technology. It can display your preferences in webpages or video. All the units can move in changed directions and move backwards to show different information, when you move away.

Source: Africarumor