Bionic Arm : Making a New Prospect

Bionic Arm is going to have the most powerful invention to mankind. It is not just a hand, it is a hope, it is a dream. Johnny Matheney effortlessly arch and extend each finger on his bionic arm . It looks beautifully when he says ,” The future is coming now”.

The creators of the bionic arm describe Matheney’s robotic limb as the most sophisticated of its kind in the world, recreating virtually every movement of a natural arm also controlled fully by the brain power. By orders of magnitude researchers increased the ability to do very highly dexterous kinds of motions. So the patients can think about  the things like eventually playing the piano.

The MPL is the most amazing one which is programmed to respond to electrical impulses in Matheney’s residual limb- the patient just needs to think about his movement that’s it. But the interesting experiences Matheney shares that “ You don’t even really think about it, You are extending the arm , talking and doing other things, it just automatically does it.

This bionic arm is having 100 sensors, 26 joints, 17 motors and a tiny computer built into the palm of the robotic hand , the revolutionary Modular Prosthetic Limb comes from the Maryland researcher at Johns Hopkins University. The total weight of this bionic arm is 4 kilograms and can perform like natural hand. Michael McLoughlin the researcher of Applied Physics mentioned it as the most sophisticated arm in the world.

Matheney says,” when they took my arm I never thought I would have an actual hand- I saw the hooks ans thought that was exactly what I would be getting.” It was his nightmare after the lost of his arm in cancer in 2008.  “ So once they introduced me to this , it was like something out of space come to Earth.”


While many other prosthetic limbs look lifelike, naturally moving has a challenging aspects. Now MPL is thinking to have a cover in a skin-like substance that would make this most inconspicuous arm in history.

“Every time I have to turn it back in, it’s like losing part of me all over again.”, says  Matheney. “I do a lot of handy work around the house, a lot of cooking,” he says. “And to be able to hold bowls and grab spoons is absolutely amazing.”

Source: Nick Glass via CNN