Boy builds his own Iron Man suit for just $500

robots-insider-ironman-1We love robots, and Iron Man isn’t an exemption. That’s why when we heard about a boy who built his own Iron Man suit in his garage, we digged in to check who this young Tony Stark is. For under $500, Archie Whitehead, a high school student from Welwyn Garden City, has got himself an Iron Man suit. The 17-year-old high school student who lives near London built the suit himself using little more than a base of foam.

Archie saw a US DIY Iron Man costume made of fiberglass in January, but didn’t have the financial resources to reproduce an exact copy. He got the idea for a foam-based costume after seeing a Halo costume made of foam. The teen then decided to make an Iron Man suit out of the material.


Archie downloaded 3D files from online prop and costume forums to use for his Iron Man suit. He also used numerous reference images to make necessary modifications on the templates. After printing the templates he traced and cut them out on the foam base. The boy then glued the parts together, using small bolts for the joints of the suit, and used acrylic gel to seal the foam. He finally painted the costume using spray paint. Everything in the costume is made out of the foam base except for the helmet which Archie constructed using resin fiberglass.

The result of Archie’s work was finally revealed after four months of labor. In fact, the suit was very realistic, and Archie was very surprised with his work. Thanks to the success of the Iron Man suit, he says he wants to be a conceptual artist in the future, but will be keeping his options open.

Source: Mashable