Can Human Stop Killer Robots?

Killer Robot

Killer Robot

The Killer robot is one kind of hoax invention in this modern world. The device is becoming a threat to all and ready to fear you in the future. Killer robot is an unacceptable device because it has the ability to decide who will die or live in a war zone.

For the last few months, many international organizations have made campaign just to ban these types of invention (fully autonomous weapons that can be a threat for the World).  All the campaigners from different countries discussed with the policymakers and government to take steps on the robot and also other autonomous dangerous weapons. Media is also very conscious, and they are trying to show up the important topic.

The developers said, they include the option that this robot will think, and it can be a major issue. If the Killer robot cannot take a decision by perfectly following moral, reasonable, ethical, and tactical consequences then it can harm anyone and ruin will goes up. They need to check or examine properly several times by different types of test.

All countries need a unity on this serious issue and will have to take a final decision that; human will control all force or any kind of important target.  To make a fully peach world obviously we need to stop the Killer Robot.

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