Charlotte For passing any obstacles

Charlotte 1

There are many robots like a spider that can pass through any obstacles without any damage. But they are not able to talk at the time of passing as well as cannot express its position. Charlotte is same types of robot created by Hobbyist Kevin Ochs. It can easily express its progress when it avoids accidents. The robot can talk with the help of its talking head.

The robot’s head is made with the Asus Xtion Pro live. Asus Xtion Pro live is used as a motion sensor as well as hearing and vision. Servos are used to make turn the robot. Also for giving stability by modifying its walking algorithm some camera is used. The most important device by which it can talk is an eSpeaks synthesizer. The device is run by bespoke software. A desktop computer with 3 vision options or iPod is used for operating its head-up display.

But there is some problem of Charlotte robot. It can able to detect accident only when its view of field is in the middle position. Also, it is great news of all that the founder group is developing the software to solve the problem.

Source: Charlotte