CMU’s Snake Robot to Provide a Clear Image from Power Plants

robot (1)

Now-a-days a variety of snake-like robots has been found around the world. Carnegie Mellon University’s Biography robotics Laboratory was decided to put its lift-up snake robot practicality to assist the test in the deserted nuclear power plants by providing clear as well as wonderful imagery on or after the interior of pipes.

A lot of power plants include miles of pipes, which typically other robots can’t properly inspect. The snake robot together with a camera, the LED system screen is able to capture pipe joints, providing employees the latest look at the inside. The actual robotic steps through running itself in the corkscrew design to produce self corrected video feed.

It can go away from such types of destinations in which people are unable to go, especially in the areas of power plants which are radioactively contaminated power plants. Moreover, it can go away up as well as around several bends which are unable to do with a conservative Borescope.

The robot, that’s simply 5cm wide and 97cm long and has 16 joints and he body can wind around a cylindrical shape, this kind of joints are able to climb up as well as down.

Source: CMU