Crabster Robot with Frontal Compartment Can Detect Shipwrecks

Crabster robot 1

Crabster is one of the largest crustacean robots. The robot is designed in South Korea by KIOST. Its main function is to explore wrecks from the sea base and can pass through into insensitive tidal currents which rushing over the robot with a speed of 1.5 m/s.

When we used the general propeller for these purpose different types of problem is occurred. One of them is it cannot perform when the currents become strong. Another is it always try to take up other unnecessary material under the sea. To solve this problem Scientist group of KIOST considered a six-legged bot. The name of it comes from both the nature of crabs as well as lobsters (Crabster).

Every legs of the robot contain 30 joints which are very powerful. From the six legs two front legs are extra articulated so that it can be used as arms when needed. It has also ten optical cameras with scanning sonar that is used to scans 650 ft from its standing place.

The robot has used computer controlling system to make the shell more efficient. For computer controlling system, it becomes more stable under the currents force. When it shifts its body having six legs then the shell of its body easily decreases drag with raising the force of lifting.


Source: Crabster