CrazyLobo robots have much to say about your mouth and foot odor


Japanese company CrazyLobo has developed a humanoid resembling a female and a robotic dog which reports the level of unpleasant odors of their owner through vocal and behavioral responses.


The company built a female-like humanoid named Kaori-chan to analyze a person’s breath and rate by responding in snarky comments. When a person breathes into Kaori-chan’s face the robot examines it and gives a score on a scale of one to four. Fresh breath stimulates a positive response of “Like citrus!” A reasonably bad smelling breath will elicit a “Yuck! You have bad breath!” Plain bad breath will induce a stronger “No way! I can’t stand it” response while extremely bad breath will bring on a sarcastic “Emergency taking place!”


The robotic dog named Shuntaro-kun does not give vocal responses with specific messages but responds in a behavioral way when rating the smell of a person’s feet. Good smelling feet will elicit a nuzzling reaction from the robotic dog, but a slightly bad feet odor will induce it to bark. Strong bad feet odor will make it fall down and growl. But a pair of extremely stinky feet will cause it to lose consciousness.


Japan is known for its polite and proprietary culture as well as for its advanced progress in technology. CrazyLobo integrates the two to come up with a solution to the ancient problem of letting someone know when they smell bad.

Source: FastEastGizmos