DARPA’s Soft Robot can Change Color According to Surface


The famous Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency briefly DARPA has introduced a new soft robot that can change color like chameleons. The Harvard University researcher groups were associated with DARPA for this project. It can effectively blend them with the background as well as hides from sensors.

From the Harvard University research team, Stephen Morin and Drs. George Whitesides provide the actual model of the natural robot. Morin said that they are inspired by the soft organisms, which include octopi and squid. He also added that it is amazing when an animal can control its appearance and they have taken an idea from it.

Many invertebrates, for example squids along with cuttlefish can alter the shows considerably within a few seconds and combine with surrounding area in order to communicate and to give warning about any disaster.

However, the soft bot is not complex in structure. To create the perfect molds, it has used different microchannels and a 3D photo printer. One of the channels carries air and other channels carry the colored fluid. If the bot moves on the surface, a pre-determined color will automatically match with the surface. It will take only 30 seconds to complete the whole process.

Source: darpa


To see the changing color, you can see below>