DFKI to Develop a Highly Organized Robo-ape


Till now you have heard the DARPA’s terminator-wannabes as a terror. But a new terror just like it is inventing called iStruct Robo-ape. DFKI developed the robot and testing period is still running. The main objective of DFKI is to ensure high efficiency for the complex walking robot.  For that they developed a structure known as intelligent ‘structures’. These kinds of feature with artificial muscles and sensors make the body very flexible and strong.

The robot is provided with different types of features and it is quite versatile in nature. This will be able to climb within a very short time.

We don’t know what will be the main function of the robo-ape but we heard it is a melding robot with internal wiring and motion detector. It has a solid upper body and the spine move to the body as well as work as a torque sensor.

The robo-ape not only featured with a high degree of stability but also able to stand upright even move. This helps to maintain a balance properly. It contains sensitive feet and the sensor is 6-axis force/torque. Mainly 43 pressure sensors stay in an array with an accelerometer and magnetic encoders.


Source: DFKI via IEEESpectrum