DiscoRobo and SketRobo for Dancing and Drawing

DiscoRobo and SketRobo 1

If a robot is capable of mowing lawns, tracking sharks, and toting goods, it is an impressive thing for you. But, what about your feelings when robot gives you entertainment by dancing and sketching. To make true your thinking TOSY has introduced these kind of two robots called DiscoRobo and SketRobo.

DiscoRobo can dance according to music, where the SketRobo can draw your picture. You can teach the particular robot by using your face. The DiscoRobo can move not only to the music, but also that ranges between some sorts of variety of lit facial expressions. With these expressions, it can guess anyone. On the other hand SketRobo is quite different from it. We saw it at IFA 2012 that it draws more than two hundred preloaded images. It has used a pen that is connected with the hand as well as a paper sheet that was clipped to a table.

The latest and commercial version made with a camera along with a software for facial recognition. It can draw the real people’s face. Authority of TOSY said in a press release that you can buy DiscoRobo only at US$40 where the SketRobo is only for $50. They tried to develop its function.

Source: Techhive

To see the dance of this robot, you can see below.