DLR’s Humanoid Robot That Can Move on the Stairs


DLR-The German Engineers Aerospace Center is ready to prove their efficiency by designing a humanoid robot called TORO. The full meaning of TORO is Torque controlled Humanoid robot. But they are not directly made this robot. At first they provide a biped robot in 2009 that has two shiny blue legs. By upgrading two legs as well as its upper body they made this expected robot.

The body of the robot is now fully completed. Their project manager told that the robot can move fluently and also with foresight. It can open a door like general people. It does it by a dynamic process. It has also an idea about its compulsory movement and also can move on the stairs. So, as like a man it can put its body up on a handrail.

Rollin’ Justin is another kind of humanoid robot by DLR. It can moves on wheels but it does not need legs. The performance of this bot is gradually increasing from time to time. They thought that they are merged its upper body into biped. But they designed a newly desirable body for TORO with heads and arms.


Source: TORO