DRC-HUBO –An Ape like Humanoid Robot


DRC-HUBO is one kind of effective humanoid robot. It is also made by the DRC, the founder of the ATLAS humanoid robot. It is made by them for vehicle driving purpose. They take some reconstructive surgery of old humanoid robot to make DRC-HUBO.

The robot is 1.43 m tall and weight of it is54 kg. It has arms and legs. It offers much better imaginative and prescient vision in addition to co-ordination. The joint of its arm and leg can absorb shocks from external forces. The legs and arms have become more powerful. It can safely work on the routing wheel to grip it as a vehicle jostles its body. Otherwise, all the joints may be broken down.

The all arms of it make longer than other humanoid robot to give it an ape likes figure. This figure helps it move from two pedal in four pedal movements. It can move on any uneven surface of its round figures. Though the robot is like an archetype, it has significant capability to act like a humanoid robot. Bots arms are used as extra legs to give support of its body. By supporting its body, it gives wonderful aids to human.

Source: DRC-HUBO