eDavid an Artist Robot that Paints on Paper

edavid robot

Technology is going to hit every corner of human civilization. Previously it was thought that no robot could create anything that is related to creativity or art. However, scientists of Konstanz University have created a robot artist that paints on white paper with its digital painter program. Its name is eDavid and it works just like a human painter. It is a combination of digital computers, normal robotic arm and a camera.

The key inspiration to design its core program was the process followed by a human artist. An artist tends to check and re-check their art with the source image repeatedly. Scientists created eDavid’s core programming just mimicking these practical phenomena of human artists. eDavid also tends to go through frequent check and recheck while it is applying color stroke to the canvas.

At first, the robot takes images of the assigned image by its camera mounted on the robotic arm. it should use to produce a similar image. Then it measures some special statistics of the image like smooth outline. The software determines the color palette and the robotic are is capable of choosing an appropriate brush and color combination from all 24 paint wells.

The painting paints in two colors black and white and after every stroke; the software checks the approximated similarity with the source image. Following these complex steps eDavid took about 10 hours to finish a painting.


Source: e-David project website