Edison Robot for Fun Way Education

Edison Robot 1

To educate youngsters by a robot with easy and funny process is acceptable to all. For this reason, a robot called Edison has developed by Thomas Alva, and it is a palm size, but with orange color, and a good program. It is also well matched with the actual Lego bricks that is proposed as a reasonable introduction to robotics and programming. The Edison robot has developed by Microbric which is an Australian company.

The robot implies the spirit of invention. It has a sensor host and can run on software of open source. The entire small robot is programmable and can interact via transmitters of IR and receivers around the world. It is also featured with a line tracking, barcode reading, a music player, and sound detection system. This bot can communicate with one another over IR, and programmed for controlling via DVD and TV remotes.

Generally, it can store one program for a single period, but when it drives over barricades, it can prompt various pre-programmed functions. Therefore, it provides a very simple process for chaining up the interactions for the robot. You will be surprised to know that the price of it is only US$36.

Source: kickstarter