Educate and Entertain Youngsters with Ixi-Play Robots


Ixi-play is an entertaining robot which is designed for educating and amuse kids. Dutch technician team WittyWorX is the developer of ixi-play robots.

Ixi-play robots are specially design with an ARM Cortex A9 processor, a touch of multi sensor, double video demonstrates, double microphones, a 720p video camera along with a tweeter and also a woofer which permit ixi-play robot to speak. Operating system Android 4.2 Jelly Bean is used for ixi-play having 1 GB interior storage along with both USB and Wi-Fi connection enabled.

Due to ixi-play running using android operating system and a several number of apps which are accessible and performs fine in any devices which are operate using android, so therefore kids can play a several number of games with ixi-play. Those apps and games include technologies which reportedly developed to enhance the kid’s knowledge in regions of arithmetic, different language understanding, and spatial knowledge.

Furthermore, ixi-play robots are capable to assist as a child observe. Parents can easily examine in on children using ixi-play camera through any Android as well as iOS device. The developer of these robots is now working for the improvement to fix i-play robots. For those who want to get an ixi-play for your children entertainment, you need $299.

Source: Ixi-Play