ETH Zurich’s Flying Robot to Initiate the Ball

Flying Robot

A quadrocopters that can fly at ETH Zurich’s catch along with introducing a ball by using a net spread concerning all of them. Researchers in Switzerland unraveled the new quadrocopters robot. The main and amazing function of this robot is to catch a ball. The leader of the researchers group Robin Ritz at ETH said when the bot tosses the ball it accelerate outward. By this process it initiates the ball up. After that it pulled quickly by the elastic net tension and it can avoid any types of collision due to its rapid stabilization.

From the showing, a new trio regarding quadrocopters tethered into a net fly in creation to be able to get balls threw in all of them. As soon as they’ve got trapped the basketball from the net, they could introduce the item up-wards by simply stretches online at just about every end.

The following special algorithm makes the robot effective and helpful:

  • Optimality based algorithm.
  • Real time trajectory generation algorithm.
  • Time varying trajectory.
  • Learning algorithm.

Both of the algorithms have special feature like real time trajectory is for catching maneuver and to manage the force time varying trajectory is used.

Source: Popsci
You can also  watch the video bellow: