EZ Robots Prepared to Play Roll for Walk or Scuttle


A Canadian firm’s based mostly in Calgary begin a new era of revolution in robotics. The firm’s line consists of 3 new robot packages which are a hexapod, a humanoid 2 legged walker, and a rover with tracks.

Those 3 latest types of robots are primarily based on a very simple shifting foot orthotics interface known as the technology of “Ez-Bit clip’n’play”, which enables chains of servo-motors to be connected to make legs, arms, and  pan-tilt wall mounts for the cameras. The Ez-B consists of a 120-Mhz ARM CORTEX M3 processor, a Wi-Fi radio interface, and 24 digital plug-ins to connect sensors, motors, and also a group of LEDs.

The ultra-modern robot Revolution Roli is designed using tank treads along with a camera placed on a pan and also the assembling of the equipment which make it to able to provide of drink.

The next six-legged hexapod robot that offer organically grown movements. There are a several connection points on the body of the robot along with the cameras and the sensors.

The Revolution JD is the most amazing robot package which usually consists of a head, 2 arms, 2 legs, a group of LEDs for making expressions and showing status details. Costs begin for Rovi at $249, for hexapod at $389 and for JD at $469.

Source: EZ Robot