Robot to Help The Firefighters

Firefighting Robot 1

A FFR is established by the University of California. It can balance itself easily. Currently, it becomes common to all by its effort.  If any buildings become fire affected then the robot goes into the buildings. It can send various types of information and according these information firefighters can make a decision about his effort and also preventing process.

FFR looks like a Segway when it is two wheeled. It contains 2 RGB video camera and an infrared camera. The bot can lift the body in stairs and at any obstacles by its middle legs. Because the middle leg of the FFR can always moves within its bodies.

The working procedure of this bot is that it can go into a burning building and automatically change the inside of the buildings. The using of these cameras can make a 3D map. FFR can also give a temperature data. By these providing data the firefighter can become sure about the temperature of this place. If anybody left inside the buildings the RGB image make sure about the actual case. Another special sensor is use the FFR to detect the volatile and toxic gases.

Source: Firefighting robot