Robot to Detect All Types of Defects

Fluxcrawler 1

Fluxcrawler is a cable inspecting robot. It is commonly using for inspecting cables that can clasps around the cable and represents it to the magnetic field. However, no clasping around the cable is required for this robot.

The robot can moves around the cable with a fixed U-shape magnet .The magnet is used to make it free from fall down and keep the robot attached to the cable. Also, this magnet provides cable magnetization for performing a leakage test of magnetic flux. It provides defect from this test.

In the two ends of U shaped magnet a sensor line is always running between them. The sensor line can instantly scan the cable surface as the bot always move around the cable. It can not only detect the defects but also can provide information about the side of damage.

It can also identify the defect from a cable for 70 centimeters long and 10 centimeters radius. The robot is provided with batteries that can be controlled via Bluetooth. The computer shows the graphical representation of magnetic field of whole surface. If any terrible spots are in the cable then it can be highlighted from high resolution on the computer screen.

Source: Fluxcrawler