Fly in the Air with Solar Aircraft

Sunseeker Duo  1

Solar Flight team was worked hard to set up its Sunseeker Duo completely with regard to the first trip in the summer. They declared that Eric and Irena Raymond (husband and wife team) have taken up to the air together, creating the Sunseeker Duo the first solar operated aircraft which can take 2 passengers.

The Company explains that how the Raymonds landed jointly in their 3rd driven airline from the test faculty close to Milan. For landing, this aircraft uses electricity harvested from 1, 510 solar panels and stored within a battery carrier in the fuselage. The moment when it is in the air, this Duo cruises by solar power. Solar Flight also says that, the aircraft is capable to fly in the air about 12 hours with two people.

When compared with a common type of aircraft, it is totally different. You will need an excellent headset in other normal aircraft, but in this solar aircraft you do not need any headset even when it operates in full power. It truly is incredible. Raymonds are preparing to arrange a 160 kilometers flight to a nearest airport to investigate its cross country function.

Source: Sunseeker Duo