Flying Buddy 2 Drone Robot Controlled By Mind

Flying Buddy 2 1

The Zhejiang University’s Researchers group in China have introduced a mind controlling robot. They called it Flying Buddy 2. The robots work on the standard, commercially-available headset of Electroencephalogram with a computer as well as an AR Drone of Patriot. The particular personal computer processes the results received from the EEG as well as converts this into command directions which can be beamed towards drone by using a Wi-Fi connection.

Your mind needs to learn some special commands to control this airborne. One example is, in order to make the drone remove as well as land, the user have to think eventually left hard. To rotate the robot, you need to think eventually left lightly. Also, if you are a blinked, it can take your pictures. This all looks alternatively demanding, but such as some other mind-control devices, including the mounted robotic arm of EEG controlled wheelchair- no doubt turns into much easier by practicing.

The scientists of  the bot wanted to develop it’s with new technology  such as boxing match to controlled the mind-controlled drone towards one piloted that has a common remote setup. Every controller ended up being tasked together with driving the opposing system out of your assigned area.

Source: Theverge