Flying Drone Works as a Transformer


A robot with quad rotors is a commonplace scenario now days. Wherever there is a robot display or robot sells promotion program, you can see some lazy kind of drone with a boring camera on its head lying down for the customer to check out. But these types of robots are not getting any lime light now, people want something new. Lookhead Martin has developed a helicopter type-flying vehicle that can carry loads of almost anything. This UAV is going to be a transformer TX not the car but a smaller one. However, the full size of this UAV will have a cargo pod beneath it and they are targeting to hit the market by 2015.

The final output of the UAV will have the ability to go 250 miles with a top speed of 200 knots. Its smaller sized fan will help it to land on a more congested area than any other helicopter. It is also possible that this UAV will have some added functionality like the ability to land on an empty road to make the transport system easier

We can expect this in the future that an unmanned vehicle is carrying a manned vehicle benith it and if not then at least we can expect to see busy activities of UAVs carrying cargos here and there. But whatever it is, we need to wait two or three years more to see its full potential.

See the video below.


Source: Spectrum