Fortis Exoskeletons for Helping US Navy

fortis 1

The director of new initiatives Adam Miller said that heavy tools using is required due to proper maintenance of ship for grinders, riveters, or sandblasters. Sometimes for these tools, take an operating toll for the weight and area of tools at the time of using these tools. Therefore, it is a big problem for the US Navy. To minimize this problem the familiar NCMS of US has ordered to Lockheed Martin to test the two Fortis exoskeletons. The operators can easily hold these heavy tools weight after wearing the Fortis exoskeleton. The operators also can hold these tools for extra time along with reduced fatigue.

However, the US Army wanted to powered skeletons for helping soldiers in rough ground to carry heavy loads. At that time, the US Navy wanted to exoskeleton so that the sailors can use it routinely. The Fortis exoskeleton has been just like a frame. Its main objective is to increase strength and endurance of wearer’s. It allows the weightless operators for carrying up to 16.3 Kg weight. The Lockheed also said that the Equipois ZeroG arm of this robot is able to reduce 300% fatigue and able to improve productivity up to 2700%. There is a small problem about it and it is like something rigid.

Source: Engadget

To see the amazing performance of this exoskeletons, you can see below.