Fraunhofer Researcher’s Robot for Free Movement Detection

Roboterarme kinderleicht steuern

Having two arms it is very tough to make a juggler. The same basic principle is applicable where the most dexterous robot must be programmed for movement in specific tasks. Usually laser tracking based input methods are employed to achieve this properties in industrial robot. However, the researchers of Fraunhofer have made a bot by using inertial sensor for the movement in free space. You can also teach the tricks to the robot by presenting the required action. The main element of the process is to analyze how the devices of input sensor interact.

The project leader said that they have used special algorithm for fusing individual data sensor and for identifying movement pattern and that means it is able to detect free space movements. He also added that with the internal sensor it could analyze gait and no need of frame reference and camera system. The ultimate output of this project is to make it less labor intensive and simpler method than laser tracking and other similar process.

The researchers are also working for EMG sensor due to detect muscle movement for improving prosthetic limbs regulation. The EMG sensor has an individual electrode that has to be positioned with muscle.

Source: Cnet


To see the detection of movement in a free space, you can watch the video below: