Full Autonomous Car is NISSAN’s next Target

Nissan Robotic Cars

Back in 2007, NISSAN told in public that they would bring two zero-emission cars by 2010 and they kept their promise. In present time, NISSAN’s chief announced that they are going to introduce a full-scale driver-less vehicle to the consumer level and surely, this is going to happen.

Google has tried to introduce a driverless motor vehicle model that uses continuous internet connection and GPS signal. However, NISSAN is planning something homier. They are not going to use the internet too much. Their prototype uses GPS only to locate and plan the route. The rest of the job is going to be done by the car itself.

The major safety concern is the collisions. Google avoided the collisions by using the satellite and internet But NISSAN is going to use a different technique to achieve that. It is expected that some of these hidden tactics will be used to premium level cars.

NISSAN is planning to get a full fledge approval from the government. They have already tried to prepare a safe place to run their battery swap activities but their participator company left the project. However, NISSAN did not give up the preparing procedure. We can expect NISSANS unmanned taxi-cab running on the road of some distant small city soon.

See the video below.


Source : ieee spectrum