FURO-K is going to serve Brazil after Japan and China



FURO-K is a newly invented robot developed by Future Robot, is a robot which features a many forthcoming character. The company noticed that, people generally have a preference to discuss with a service operator rather than receiving programmed service from the robotic designed kiosk. To address this issue, they have developed a friendly design with an inviting appearance.

FURO-K is a humanoid robot, which has an ICC reader and included with NFC technology to relieve the non-contact transactions. It also accepts credit cards and provides receipts promptly.

This company has sold this type of helping bot to numerous Korean hospitals, but the interesting part is the company has got a huge purchase (wholesale) order of Brazilian authority recently. This is a female faced anime-inspired robot that works. Brazil is planning to set up this robot to a variety of public places like shopping malls, Ticketing queue and airports. They have already sold this type of humanoid robotic units to different developing countries.

Now-a-days the demand of human shaped helping robots is on the rise. Mr. Se-Kyong also observed this issue. He told in an interview that his company was building was trying to address this modern smart society with the innovation, customization of art and latest robotic technology.

You can also see the video below.


Source: Kisok