Get The Transformers at Your Hand

Transformers by Takara Tomy

Transformers- a series of film directed by Michael Bay create a buzz in the market after his awesome robotics show in the movies. Now marketers are focusing real transformer racing cars. Kenji Ishida created the most amazing self-transforming RC cars that can transform from cars to a human shape robot body. Kenji Ishida made it more amazing making it operated from your iPhone and it made a successful show at Tokyo Toy Show 2013.

A combination of CAD and 3D magic made him successful in robot toy creation.  It was so costly to create these robots as the parts using in it are costly. At first in the local market 10 pieces of self transforming cars sold for US $24,000 each. It was difficult for most of the customers to purchase these incredible toys.

A booming Japanese toy-maker named Takara Tomy came with his helping hand to make the toys more cheaper. Takara Tomy is the person who marketed miniature bipedal humanoid robots named after I-SOBOT in 2007 , which is operated with remote and get recognition from Guness Book of World Records at that time. Takara Tomy  used miniature servo motors in the 17 joints for this robot. With a price of US $350 it remains cheaper human shaped  robot that is ever made in the market.  At Tokyo Toy Show 2013, Transformers and Zoids series offered by Takara Tomy get huge attention.  Kenji Ishida has recently been working to improve his expertise on the robotics technology.

Amazing Transformers

Transformers are highly demanded toy products in the market and most awesome toy line ever created. Modern miniaturized RC technology made it possible to have the ultimate excitements which we dreamed from the movies. It is the high time to have your own Transformer Car .

Cool Transformers