Gimball, a Sensor less Flying Robot


Scientist Krnatowski and Adrien of EPFL have created this innovative robot named Gimball. It is mainly a flying robot but with some interesting new ideas incorporated in it. This robot primarily has no environment sensor, runs on two propellers and can reach to its destination even if it collides with numerous objects during the travel.

If the environment becomes hazy and unsuitable, a normal robot with different sensors usually fails to reach the destination. In nature, we see that without definite sensors some insects still reach anywhere it wishes. This triggered Adrien’s thought to make something mimicking the nature. He and Komatowski have been trying to build such a robot that will have limited sensors and even after colliding with objects can survive and reach its destination, just like insects. Their recent creation is Gimball that has only two sensors one is an altimeter sensor and another one is a compass.

Gimball is designed to absorb shock. After releasing this robot, it tries to stay on course without measuring the environment, and if anything comes in its way, it simply collides with that object and again starts its journey bypassing that object. In this way, to reach a certain destination, Gimball has to collide with several objects and stay on course.

Gimball has a significant and interesting use. In places where the normal sensor equipped robots fail to achieve success; Gimball can easily go there and get the job dome. This innovative insect inspired design is still needed a long way to travel but surely it showed a good sign.

You can see the video below.
Source: Gimball