Glocery Robot not to cause Harm to its Customers

Glocery Robot

Prof. Asuthosh Saxena of Cornell University led a team of engineers to teach a robot some new techniques. They focused on teaching Grocery robot .

In practical life shopkeeper knows the relative care needed to handle a specific product while they hand it over to a customer. But when this job is being carried out by a robot it is not guaranteed that the robot will take appropriate protective measure while delivering any product to its clients. A knife for instance, is a very dangerous thing if it goes in the wrong hand. Human shopkeepers will always take care to deliver it. If a robot is subject to deliver a knife, it may not care about the danger and can even push the sharp edge towards the customer.

This was Mr. Saxena’s primary thinking. His team has taught a robot not to wave a knife while it was delivering it to the customer. To train the robot they had set up a fake grocery shop or store. After that  they provide the robot a knife to hand over. Although the robot was well aware of the existence of a man by the proximity sensor, it initially did not care for handing over a knife. The robot provided additional help by showing available maneuvering options. Team members selected the safest maneuvering way. They run this trial several times. Finally, the robot learned that when it is dealing with a knife it must need to take extra care to hand it over.

The team expects that the similar procedure can be taken to teach it to handle other care sensitive products like ripe fruit or a bag full of liquids.

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Source: Glocery Robot