Go Green with a Hybrid Plane.


“Go Green” is the latest slogan of modern science. Finally, we have deciphered that our own creations are now afflicting us most. To save us from the tyranny of nature we are now moving forward to environmental friendly technologies like renewable energy. One of the latest efforts to “Go Green” is a robot called ERO. ERO is such a robot that decreases the emission rate of an airplane. It enhances the fuel utilization and any disturbance that is caused by misuse of fuel. A group of aerospace scholars worked on a 50 passenger carrier plane. The major objective of this plan was to assess the feasibility of a hybrid (Combustion and electric engine) plane.

The team took a 48 seat airbus and altered its engine so that it can be run by both types of engine. They inserted required number of batteries and necessary other equipments. Fuel engines used to take-off and landing and the electric part used to glide the plane and move it towards its destination.

The result showed to the scientists that the fuel efficiency is increased if the plane flies more than 300 miles on electric power. They become confident that it is feasible to use a hybrid system for a commercial passenger carrier airplane.

See the video below.


Source: wonderfulengineering