Google Fiber Pitch and a New Begining


A little boy named Nick from Kansas city, dreamed of being one of  the most reputed baseball players. He is a thirteen-year old boy. The pathetic news is that Nick is a patient of severe a plastic anemia (a rare blood disease). It makes his immune system weaken.  Life becomes different for him. 

Oakland A’s asked Nick to throw out the first pitch at their recent games but unfortunately it was difficult for him to reach Missouri to the A’s stadium in California which is 1,800 miles far from Kansas. It is amazing Nick did it !!!

Nick joins at the Google Fiber Space (a mini baseball stadium with real glass, dirt and bleachers) near to his home in Kansas City at 8.53 central time. There Nick will be able to control the movements of a robot on the pitcher’s mound in Oakland. Nick’s efficiency is ensured with the easy Android Apps and camera.  The robot will simply mimic the motions from movement of Nick. A new era just begins.


Source: Google Fiber