GROVER-A Robot can Detect from Harshest Environment


GROVER is an autonomy collector robot for harshest environments on the Earth. GROVER is popular for equally Greenland Rover and Goddard Remotely Operated Vehicle for Exploration and Research. It is planned by the groups of students who are attended in the engineering boot camps at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center.

The bot has ground-penetrating radar for analysis of snowstorm and frost. It has an autonomous control method. All this devices are sited between two solar panels and two snowmobile tracks.

To send commands from the mission An Iridium satellite connection is used. When it operates for twelve hours both of solar become charged and the rover collects and stores data. It has an onboard system through which the data of radar is stored.

The radar emits a symbol that is bounces off many layers of the frost sheet. The founding data is used to analyze how snowstorm and frost become accumulates.  This robot can also notice the melting point and thickness of ice.

The originator teams expect that it can work around a clock but at -30° C it has extreme effect than expected. It has a challenging part that the battery cannot recharge quickly and cannot use long time.

Source: GROVER