HAMR-An Insect like Robot Having a Small Weight


HAMR is an insect like robot. It is developed by Harvard Microrobotics Lab. The developer of this robot is Andrew Baisch. He has done it as a part of his research for earning PhD. He used manufacturing method of PC-MEMS. Here all the manufacturing materials are sandwiched together in twenty three microscopic layers. For using flexible manufacturing materials its panels can fold like a three dimensional shape.

They are able to bear its weight only 270 mg. but the larger HAMR bot has a weight of 1.3 g that is like a small insects. It is an important thing that the bot is able to bring a weight more than its total body weight. But some electric motor or hydraulic are stayed inside it is too heavy for the robot. For moving its legs it has used 6 piezoelectric ceramic actuators that are maintained by 2 control inputs.

All the actuators are needed high power supply. So here is used an outer power source. But the researchers of this robot are managed to create a self depending bot. A new robot HAMR3 can perform by its own power having a weight of 1.7 g. The major problem of HAMR3 robot is it moves slowly because it has a battery of lower voltage.


Source: HAMR