HECTOR, a Hexapod Walking Robot


To know how animals shift elegantly, the research team of the Bielefeld University of CITEC technology have developed a hexapod moving robot called hexapod cognitive autonomously operating robot (briefly HECTOR).

It has16 joint parts associated with its six legs as well as a couple of joint parts likened its several system portions. It has used a new version bio inspired, self-contained, elastic joint drive that will work like as muscle. All of the drives instrumented with sensor along with complete electronics control and a processor. It will control all the 16 joints of legs with biologically inspired algorithm and will allow the robot to reply during collisions as well as interactions with people. These all the features makes the bot really efficient.

HECTOR is also familiar for its light weight and the use of carbon fibers reinforced plastic (CFRP), which reduces 13 percent of its total body weight. However, it can carry 12 kg of excess weight. The bot is also able to think like termite minds, even though the particularly developed screen and bus principle makes it easy to link sensory information control to the robot’s movement.

Source: Engadget

To watch the running of HECTOR, you can see below: