Hexapod Stompy Robot to Help after Natural Disaster


Hexapod project always wants to help by making large-scale robots that will be more cost-effective as well as simpler. Once upon a time Hobbyist robots were more popular as well as more affordable than previous. The main problem of this robot is that, it has RC servos, which makes the robot limited in size. However, the team of Massachusetts has recently introduced a most effective and cheapest Hexapod robot, called Stompy. It has a width of 17 feet with 1000 kg weight.

The team took the idea of the construction of Hobbyist robotics. At first, they thought about the cost and they planned to make the robot at a very cheap rate. For this reason, they have made a hydraulic joint design, which is controlled by computer programming. The team took a test on a half-scale prototype leg and used a motor as well as hydraulic energy unit to ensure better productivity of the device.

The robot is able to move on damaged surfaces, mineral water, and everywhere and where the current terrain vehicles are not able to go. It can bear 450 kg weight and run at a speed of 3-5 km/h. I can say that it will be very effective when any natural disaster occurs.

Source: Kickstarter

To see the performance of this robot, you can see below.