Honda and AIST to Develop High Access Survey Robot

High Access Survey Robot

On Mar 2011, earthquake hits the Japan’s Electric Power Company and the investigation is still in a row. Some well developed industrial robots are using, but they are not sufficient than need to investigate properly. Honda and AISL (Advance Industrial Science and Technology, Japan) both developed a highly accessible robot for the investigation.

This robot is mainly programmed by a mobile device (designed by AIST) which has an arm (designed by Honda) that can be enlarged about 23 feet. The robot is mainly controlled by a remote with wireless LAN workstation. This can go up to 2km/hour and has the ability to pass 6 cm bumps. At this time this robot is a great invention for these two companies.

It has laser fiber and a camera which provides a combination comes that helps an operator to see a video of the process. It also provides some essential 3D structural data to classify radiation from a different area. The arm (developed by Honda) has 11 joints and for this it can flexes the arm easily when the robot moves.

AIST joins in the investigation for the radiation decontamination. At that time, Honda told that they will develop some effective humanoid robots which will be very useful to overcome different kind’s disasters.


Source: Honda Worldwide and AIST